What is a Bud Light All-Star?
The Bud Light All-Stars is a season long eSports entertainment platform designed to elevate professional gaming and give fans the power to help shape the future of the sport.
Program Teasers

These spots are all about one thing – that feeling of being a super fan. The willingness to disregard dignity and self respect by embracing the universal feeling that makes a true fan moment great, no matter what the sport.

Bud Light All-Star Announcement @ DreamHack

Bud Light, with the help of eSports experts, identified the best 20 players, across 5 different titles. These athletes were announced at eSports event DreamHack where fans were instructed to begin voting for their top 5 favorite players.

eSport Athlete Invitations 

We sent All-Star worthy invitations to the top 20 eSports athletes. Fans voted for the top 5 who become the Bud Light All-Stars. 

Fan Voting

From April through May huge numbers of fans voted for their top 5 eSports All-Stars using #budlightevote on Twitter. Many of the players even created mini campaigns and promotions to encourage votes. Click Here to see more.

June – August
All-Star Team Announcement 

The top 5 fan voted Bud Light All-Stars were announced live at E3 and on our Bud Light eSports Twitch channel

All-Star Team Mansion

We gave the Bud Light All-Stars the All-Star life beginning with a 20,000 sq-ft Lebron James worthy crib. 

The Bud Light All-Star Twitch Channel

Twitch is ESPN meets YouTube. Its the Sports Center of the gaming world. In 2015 over 450,000 YEARS of gaming footage was viewed. The Bud Light Twitch channel was launched in time with the E3 announcement and will run throughout our season. Bud Light All-Star fans who follow our channel get unique content designed by their All-Stars.

You can follow the Bud Light All-Star channel HERE

September – October
The Bud Light All-Stars Season Finale @ TwitchCon

Concluding the first season of the Bud Light All-Stars is an All-Star VS All-Star gaming showdown at TwitchCon. During this event All-Stars from traditional sports will battle our All-Stars in one-on-one gaming competition.